Ukrainian Banner Network

Music 006

1. Ukrainian Music Archive
Biggest archive of Ukrainian RealAudio music on the Internet. About 200 albums. All songs are availible with two tpes of connections: 28.8 and 56 kBp
2. Ukraine Online Music
Anothe archive. Music in MIDI and RealAudio, chat. Many songs had not been found on any other music sites.
3. Ukrainian Music
Many good songs, but quality is not very good. Some of the songs are exclusive (not found anywhere else over the Internet)
4. Tavriyski Ihry
One of the biggest, exciting and popular music festivals, "Tavrian Games" is now over the Internet.
5. Skryabin
Web-site of one of the most popular Ukrainian bands. Lyrics, history of band, latest news.
6. Vopli Vidopljasova
Vopli Vidoplyasova is another Ukrainian band with the web-page. The group is known for two major hits: Vesna (Spring) and Musika (Music).