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Maps of Ukrainian regions and cities

Here you'll find maps of different Ukrainian cities and regions

Detailed map of Ukraine
Map of Ukraine from Britannica Online
Map of Kyiv downtown:
- Historical sights
- Churches
- Architectural sights
- Historical Reservations
- Metro (subway) stations

Kyiv Metro (subway) map
Big Kyiv City Map
Odessa City map:
                   Part 1
                   Part 2
                   Part 3
                   Part 4
                   Part 5
                   Part 6
Ternopil City map:
                   Part A1
                   Part A2
                   Part A3
                   Part B1
                   Part B2
                   Part B3
                   Part C1
                   Part C2
                   Part C3
Uzhgorod City Map
Ivano-Frankivs'k City Map
Ukrainian Road Atlas
Ukraine: The Physical map(Ukrainian)
NEW: Topographical map